sordidcrayons said: Yeah, Gerard is the ultimate abuser in this situation, but it was Scott's decision to use Derek the way he did. Derek was part of HIS plan, not just Gerard's. Regardless of the inviability of other plans, or other factors, Scott was still an agent, not just a partcipant, and was a rather unremorseful one at that. Maybe if he seemed even a tad morally conflicted over using Derek the way he did I'd be willing lay more blame on Gerard and less on him, but he seemed unconcerned. He used Derek.

Everything Scott does is Scott’s decision.  Didn’t say it wasn’t.  The meta was about explaining why Scott’s decision was one informed by a lot of factors and that ultimately, his choices were VERY slim and that he made the most out of the situation in front of him.  It was about WHO was the one taking agency and twisting people to their own aims.  You’ll notice that nowhere in the outline do I say Scott is blameless, or without a choice.  As was said so well in Babylon 5 “We say there is no choice only to comfort ourselves with the decision we have already made.”

My issue is with the idea that Scott ‘used’ Derek.  Using would imply that Derek was his instrument of choice, that Scott saw something that Derek had and decided to repurpose it for his own gain.

That is not what happened.  That is what GERARD did.

Gerard’s ambition was used against him by Scott.  Derek’s desire for Scott to join him was used against him by Scott.  Scott’s choice was to manipulate those around him as opposed to using truthfulness and the complex relationships involved there are a bit subjective, though I personally fall firmly on the side of Scott as Derek has proven himself abusive, untrustworthy, and self-serving.

If you want to talk about Scott abusing Derek’s deep desire for Scott to join him, yeah, he did.  If you want to talk about Scott lying to Derek, yup, he did.  If you want to say that Scott’s last line to Derek was a kick when he was down, I won’t say it isn’t.  But when you try to lay the blame for the forcing of the bite on Scott or that it was SCOTT’S plan, that’s where I have an issue.

That was Gerard.  That was ALL Gerard.  Derek was put in the crosshairs by Gerard.  Derek’s actions PUT him in Gerard’s crosshairs.  I’m not saying Gerard was right, or that Derek deserved to be in Gerard’s crosshairs, but THAT WHOLE THING THERE had nothing to do with Scott.  NOTHING TO DO WITH SCOTT.  Nothing. To Do. With Scott.

Killing Kate. NOTHING TO DO WITH SCOTT.  Becoming an Alpha who could bite people as Gerard needed, without a handy pack around him for protection which made him a prime target. NOTHING TO DO WITH SCOTT.  Gerard setting a plan in motion which would enable him to get the Bite, kill Derek, and become an Alpha werewolf?  NOTHING TO DO WITH SCOTT.  Gerard using the kanima to enable this plan?  NOTHING TO DO WITH SCOTT.  The creation of the kanima?  NOTHING TO DO WITH SCOTT.

Scott chose not to actually ally himself with Derek because, you know, that worked out so well for him the first time. *points to S1*  Scott’s choice was not to inform Derek of his suspicions regarding Gerard’s intentions.  Scott’s choice was to act covertly to bungle Gerard’s ultimate desire.  Scott’s choice was to tell Derek at one of the most terrifying moments of his life that Scott is not his friend.

Scott’s choice was to be the physical body that picks up Derek and holds him in front of Gerard’s arm, because the alternatives involved harming Allison, harming his mother, and ALSO that if it wasn’t him, it’d be Chris.  That’s what he chose.  That’s it.  He was the physical instrument that Gerard used to use Derek.  And he chose to be so because the cost NOT to do so was too high (for no change in the results because do you really think Chris wouldn’t have done it?).

And ultimately, Derek biting Gerard was a choice that HE made, under EXTREME duress, confusion, and hurt.   Because you can’t take that away.  If you can say that Scott with his mother under a standing threat and his beloved under a very real and physical threat at the moment had a ‘choice’ (and again, he did, not denying it, no matter how shitty the choice options were) then you can’t say that Derek didn’t have the choice whether to bite Gerard or not (again, SHITTY as the choice options were). Two people at gunpoint are still at gunpoint, even if one of them has a shittier time than the other one does because of it.  So either BOTH of them had a choice or NEITHER of them had a choice. IMHO, both of them had an incredibly shitty choice made under threat and coercion.

Is Derek an abuse victim who had his bodily agency messed with in the finale?  Yes, he is, and it’s icky and I kind of wish the writers hadn’t gone that way.  Was the situation that set this up designed and orchestrated by Scott?  NO, it was designed and orchestrated by GERARD.  Scott just threw a wrench in.  Preparing for the storm does not make the storm your idea.

TL;DR - again, did Scott act kindly to Derek?  No.  But did Scott use Derek as a weapon against Gerard?  No.  Scott used Gerard’s ambition and desires as a weapon against GERARD.  Is the use of Derek against his agency icky and wrong? YES.  However, GERARD’s ambition and desires used Derek against his wishes and without concern for his agency.  Scott’s squishy feelings regarding Derek (or lack therof) don’t change that.  Scott’s actions ensured that Gerard’s actions had no payoff for him.  That’s it.

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